Effects film special effects

Fire & Explosions

At DTFX we blow stuff up and set things on fire, safely and looking great to camera.

We manage every aspect of the process from script analysis to design, shot planning, scheduling, budgeting, and on set operation.

Our main criteria are getting the look you need safely and efficiently.

We create explosions of every size, from small scale exploding appliances like TVs and computers through to electrical boards, gas bottles, cars, sheds, and buildings.

We make fires of all sizes from campfires through to burning buildings.

We have experience with fire on location and in studios and locations, and have even created fires on and in existing buildings – all without unintended damage.

We use a wide range of proven products and processes to create  great looking fires safely, repeatably and reliably.

We’re fully licensed and insured, and have years of experience creating great looking explosions and fires for Film and TV.


Call us next time it needs to explode or catch fire.



By David Trethewey

Special Effects Supervisor based in Sydney Australia, providing SFX services to the Film, TV, Entertainment & Events sectors. We design, build and operate all physical and mechanical in-camera special effects.

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