Boy in a basket – he’s real! The client needed him to climb out of the basket in shot, so we built a raised rostrum onto a hill side and dressed it with turf to match the location.

DTFX can supply and operate a wide range of special effects gear for your job.

We have a well equipped workshop for rig builds, and all the effects equipment and support gear you’ll need for a successful job.

Rain rigs

  • Rain for all scenarios
  • Crane-flown Overhead systems
  • Boomlift rigs
  • Straddle Bars
  • Rain Stands
  • Interior rain
  • Wetdowns to suit

Wetdown rigs

  • Truck mounted
  • Hand held
  • Large or small scale

Pyrotechnics and explosives gear

  • Single shot to full auto systems
  • Solenoid firing systems


  • We can make it winter wherever you need to shoot
  • Foam Snow
  • Snow Blowers
  • Dressing Snow
  • Starch snow

Smoke machines

  • From a mist to a whiteout
  • Electric and gas powered machines
  • Layflat and Ducted systems

Wind machines

  • Petrol and electric
  • Studio fans and large propellor driven systems

Air and Gas cannons

For debris and dust shots or fireballs

Fire and Flames

  • From a campfire to a burning building
  • Flame and Haze bars
  • Fire rigs
  • LP gas rigs
  • Gels and fluids
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • All the relevant safety and support gear