DTFX provides a full range of Special Effects services.

We can create the physical in camera effects you need to give your production the reality that audiences deserve and that actors thrive on.

We do all types of physical effects – fires and explosions, wind, rain, snow, atmos, rigs and gizmos, breakaways, moulding and model making – if you can imagine it and it exists in the real world, we can make it happen.

We offer:
• Special Effects Design
• Supervision
• Shot planning
• Storyboarding
• Budgeting
• Scheduling
• Administration
• Crewing
• Pre Production
• Prototyping
• Build
• Installation
• Shoot, Show, or Event

We have a well equipped workshop at the Canal Road Film Centre in Sydney, Australia, and a comprehensive range of effects equipment including a dedicated rain tanker, on set vehicles and full support gear.